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The V-series is a 6-speed manual transmission built by Getrag. Models: V160; V161; See also. List of Toyota engines; Toyota Automatic Transmission Fluid History; External links. Toyota Transmissions at the Wayback Machine archived 2009-05-10 Lexus Transmissions at. 04/06/32 · Oh and by the way, a funny thing I found was that Getrag rated the v160not sure about the v161 at like 350ftlbs of torque or something crazy like that, lol, MIGHT have been 500 but getrag definitely didnt expect these things to last through so much abuse Show Full Signature. 12/04/41 · In case you didn’t know, Getrag is the biggest transmission system supplier in the entire world. They supply transmissions for all types of vehicles, including commercial vehicles and passenger cars. The Toyota Supra V160 is sometimes referred to as the Getrag 233, especially in foreign markets. The V160 transmission is totally synchronized. Find great deals on eBay for v160 getrag and getrag v161. Shop with confidence.

06/06/37 · Toyota Supra Getrag 2JZGTE V160 V161 6-speed Service And Repair Available At Titan Motorsports: With the number of available V160 and V161 Gearboxes for sale, routine service and or repair has. Toyota Supra 6 Speed Getrag V160. Condition is New. Will ship via UPS ground or UPS Frieght. Brand New in box please call or text with any questions 4408226317. Payments can me made via PayPal or wire transfer. Please keep in mind when making an offer it’s a high dollar item it will be insured and there are many fees associated with shipping and transfer of funds. Magna PT, known until 2018 as GETRAG German: [ɡəˈtʁaːk], is the world's largest supplier of transmission systems for passenger cars and commercial vehicles. The company was founded on 1 May 1935, in Ludwigsburg, Germany, by Hermann Hagenmeyer; as the Getriebe und Zahnradfabrik Hermann Hagenmeyer GmbH & Cie KG.

Magna is a mobility technology company – the only automotive supplier with deep systems knowledge and expertise across the entire vehicle. Mobility for Everyone. 27/12/30 · v161 is more of a rare tranny to find in supras. most people have the 160 and also the gearing is different in the 161 to the 160 like the gearsets are different. I think Getrag is the company and they make many transmissions. The V160/V161 are just two that are used in Supras. Used GETRAG V161 6 Speed Manual Transmission from Toyota Supra MK4 1996-2002. Approx 60k miles and comes with warranty! We also have the rear differential with axles for extra $2900. Please contact us for more info. Price: $7199. Toyota Supra MK4 V161 Getrag 6. item 4 Toyota Supra V160/V161 Getrag 6 speed Manual MK4 2JZGTEComplete Rear End - Toyota Supra V160/V161 Getrag 6 speed Manual MK4 2JZGTEComplete Rear End. $9,900.00. item 5 JDM 2ZZ-GE 2000-2005 TOYOTA CELICA GTS 6 SPEED MANUAL TRANSMISSION - JDM 2ZZ-GE 2000-2005 TOYOTA CELICA GTS 6 SPEED MANUAL TRANSMISSION.

Here is a comparison of the T56 Magnum gearing vs the Toyota Supra Getrag V160. Notice the magnum's 4th gear is equivalent to the Supra 5th gear. Gear V160 T56 Magnum "close" T56 Magnum "wide" 1 3.827 2.66 2.97 2 2.360 1.78 2.10 3 1.685 1.30 1.46 4 1.312 1.0 1.0 5 1.0 0.80 0.74 6 0.793 0.63 0.50 As you can see, the t5. 15/06/37 · Resealing the center case on my V160 gearbox. Avoid Getting Ripped Off - What is a Blown Head Gasket, Leaking Valve Cover Gasket, How to tell Posts about V161 written by Eightsixmm. SUPER SUPRA SWAP!!!!! An out of town client drove down with his all stock ’95 Supra Targa 5MT NA for thespecial touch! Complete 6 Speed Twin Turbo Drive Train Conversion done in 2days! Please note that while we can still offer this service, we will not be able to get most replacement parts for your transmission. Parts supply has dried up, and Getrag has been dissolved entirely as a company. Here at SupraStore, we know the value of the Getrag V160 transmission. Brand new they are over $8250 if you went directly to Toyota and purchased, or even over $7800 through. 22/11/32 · Page 1 of 2 - The answer for transmission fluid in the getrag 6 speed - posted in A80 / MKIV Discussion: After a number of weeks of research and debate I have come to the conclusion of which oil to use for the 6 speed getrag box V160V161 There are 3 options available: The first being the original V160 oil supplied by toyota.

JZA80 MK-4 TOYOTA SUPRA, 6-SPEED GETRAG V160 GEARBOX Comes as pictured with shifter, mount, JZ bell housing, clutch release fork, etc. Ultimate gearbox for high powered 2JZ powered car. These gearboxes are very strong, ideal if you need something very robust. And while I usually chuckle, this really is a valid question, and the V160/V161 has proven itself capable in my car as well as many other fast 6-speed cars. Getrag did their homework on that transmission and it is a beast. However, it is older and losing the serviceability battle due to no more factory parts! ACTUAL PICTURES OF THE ITEM! Used GETRAG V160 6 Speed Manual Transmission from Toyota Supra MK4 Twin Turbo 2JZGTE. Price: $6099.

27/05/31 · The Getrag V160, must be the one in the R34 GTR´s with an additional transfer case, Supra MK4 - and some rumours said in the BMW E39 M5. The BMW guys over here say the E39 M5 box is the same as the 4.0 and 4.4l gearbox. And the strongest gearboxex by BMW are the one from the 850Csi and E36 M3 wich is a ZF. At Jacks Transmissions, we spend an enormous amount of money and time to assure a clean and well built product. We pride ourselves in providing a clean environment and talented employees with the engineering mentality needed for a quality rebuild of your V160 Supra 6-speed trans! Below is the whole process from start t. Find great deals on eBay for v160 transmission and v161 transmission. Shop with confidence. The Getrag V160/V161 gearbox it comes with is immensely strong, but is a bit slow to change gears compared to the latest DCT transmissions, especially the 1st to 2nd gear change. Wouldn't it be great to have one of the modern Getrag DCT transmissions in the Supra. Well now it has been done by Garage Whifbitz with this Getrag 7 speed DCT gearbox. 13/11/37 · Getrag V161 - posted in Parts - For Sale: HI all I have a V161 out of a S2 Supra. It was removed due to going auto for drag racing. This is for the gearbox only. It has approx 150.000kms on it and was in good working condition. I do not have any of the associated components as they were sold to someone else who already had a box. I am open to offers and may consider part trade on a haltech.

27/11/30 · About a month ago, I finally blew my W58. After some 25k miles of solid daily driven service, 2nd gear let go when pulling onto the fwy. Chalk it up to the recent install of a boost controller earlier this year, and higher boost levels and more power as the weather gets colder. I've never. Autres objets similaires OEM fill or drain plug for Toyota Supra Getrag V160/V161 6 speed gearbox. 9 suivis. Provenance: Pays-Bas; 27 objets trouvés disponibles auprès de vendeurs eBay internationaux. Racetune Supra Getrag V160 V161 6spd Billet Short Shifter 2JZ-GTE 2JZ-GE 2J 6sp. Entièrement neuf.

03/11/32 · V160/161 comparison MKIV FAQ. Phil '94 Supra Turbo, 6spd, 'APU' Displacement is no replacement for boost. Life begins at 30psi. NB: Please consider posting any help requests in a new thread instead of asking me for help privately. About 99.9% of the time, private help requests end up covering great information that could be very valuable to other forum members. Tag Archives: v161. Resources, Tech Articles. Toyota Supra NA-TT Conversion – Final Thoughts – Part 6. March 16, 2016 2JZGARAGE Administrator 4 Comments. Summary Part 1 Removal of stock parts.

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